Past Projects

ADRA Myanmar has worked with over 35 partners and donors since 1984 to deliver projects across a wide range of development sectors in every State and Region in Myanmar. Projects range in duration from a few months up to 5 years dealing with activities in food security, health and nutrition, WASH, maternal and child health, livelihoods, agriculture, income generation, education, emergency response, humanitarian response, cash transfers and cash for work, community empowerment, youth based activities, DRR, TVET training, small business, child sponsorship and work with IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in IDP camps to name a few.

ADRA Myanmar has gained experience through working in both conflict and post conflict states/ regions with small and large ethnic groups as well as providing emergency responses to national events result from natural disasters in flooding, cyclones, earthquakes, droughts and fires. 

Here you will find a brief list of major projects ADRA Myanmar has implemented in the recent past thanks to the generous support and funding provided by our partners and donors. 


'Improved Access to & Utilisation of Health Services, Water & Sanitation Facilities & Rights Protection for Unprotected People in Kayin State'

Location: Hlaingbwe Township, Kayin State

Donors: EuropeAID, Malteser International

Beneficiaries: 10,500

Total Project Budget: USD$1,595,085

Duration: 42 Months

Project Description: The AUP project provided mobile clinic operations in 30 villages, trained 30 CHWs (Community Health Workers), built 2,700 basic latrines and renovated 95 wells. Besides a focus on health and education activities, the AUP project sought to promote the rights for those living within the Kayin State as well as providing education in mine risks and support for those with disabilities. 


'Cholera Response'

Location: Kayin State & Tanintharyi Region

Donors: ADRA International

Beneficiaries: 4,500

Total Project Budget: USD$15,000

Duration: 4 Months

Project Description: The CHOLERA project was an emergency response to a Cholera epidemic in Southern Myanmar. The CHOLERA project provided village awareness activities and facilitated the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.


'Securing the Rights of Children Attending Faith Based Schools in Myanmar to Higher Education'

Location: Nationwide

Donors: NORAD, ADRA Norway

Beneficiaries: 47,000

Total Project Budget: USD$84,801

Duration: 21 Months

Project Description: The FBE project provided support to Christian faith based education providers in an effort to remove education policy discrimination through facilitating 3 month workshops dealing in education policy reform proposals, implementing/supporting meetings with educators and the CESR and facilitating support to key leaders to meet with the ETWG (Education Thematic Working Group) to broaden knowledge of the education sector.


'Food Security and Disaster Risk Reduction'

Location: Mindat Township, Chin State

Donors: ADRA International

Beneficiaries: 2,779

Total Project Budget: USD$50,000

Duration: 5 Months

Project Description: The FSDRR project was designed to minimise hunger and poverty as well as increase awareness of natural disasters by constructing 4 suspension bridges, providing training for villagers in disaster awareness and risk reduction and distributing elephant foot yam seeds to participating villagers for income generation. 


'WASH in Schools'

Location: Waingmaw & Hpakent Townships, Kachin State

Donors: UNICEF, ADRA Australia & ADRA Austria

Beneficiaries: 8,573

Total Project Budget: USD$460,000

Duration: 10 Months

Project Description: The Kachin-WinS project ran in two phases by constructing 22 school toilet blocks, 24 hand dug wells, installing 32 overhead water tanks and facilitating hygiene promotion in 53 schools based on WASH.


'Youth Mobilisation & Capacity Building in South East'

Location: Kayin State

Donors: ADRA Czech Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Beneficiaries: 68,192

Total Project Budget: USD$62,376

Duration: 12 Months

Project Description: The KCB project ran in three consecutive phases by providing Youth and CSO networking and coordination opportunities through organised sports/social and professional activities, constructing a community cafe (Veranda Cafe), and providing small grants to CSOs in an effort to bring Karen youth together, decrease use of drugs and alcohol and provide professional experience and training opportunities for career advancement.


'Myanmar Flood Assistance Project'

Location: Kalay, Sagaing Region

Donors: GAC-IHA, ADRA Canada

Beneficiaries: 22,800

Total Project Budget: USD $645,000

Duration: 7 Months


Project Description: The MFAP project provided support to 2,250 households with cash for work, 1,100 households with unconditional cash transfers and 1,000 households with shelter assistance to assist those affected by the 2015 Myanmar Flood Crisis.


'MoFA Education Assistance Project in Kayin State in Myanmar'

Location: Hlaingbwe Township, Kayin State

Donors: MoFA, ADRA Japan

Beneficiaries: 1,301
Total Project Budget: USD $900,000

Duration: 36 Months


Project Description: The MoFA Project developed an appropriate learning environment to improve student health conditions in response to the increasing number of students who have been resettled from conflict in Paingkyon Township. The MoFA project built 4 community schools with toilets and a well, provided education support materials and furniture and enhanced the management capacity of school management committees. In addition sanitation, hygiene and nutrition education classes for parents and students were provided. Education enlightenment activities and SMC meetings also enhanced the villagers’ capacity of problem solving in educational issues to ensure the longevity of the project and JPF Program.


'Relative to Restoring Economic and Agricultural Livelihoods Project’

Location: Nyaung Shwe & Hsi Hsaing Townships, Southern Shan State

Donors: ADRA New Zealand

Beneficiaries: 9,496

Total Project Budget: USD$496,079

Duration: 38 Months

Project Description: The REAL project aimed at improving livelihoods for 1,912 households provided small capital to women in food processing and handicraft production, trained farmers in SALT (Sloped Agriculture Land Technology), utilised waste as compost and SRI (Systems of Rice Intensification), increased access to seeds/fertiliser and tools, built rainwater collection tanks/spring fed gravity water systems/latrines and water storage tanks for clean water and produced brochures/wall charts for increased hygiene practices and promotion.


'Support to Conflict Affected IDPs in Kachin State Project'

Location: Kachin and Northern Shan State

Donors: Global Affairs Canada, ADRA Canada

Beneficiaries: 22,930

Total Project Budget: USD $751,684

Duration: 11 Months


Project Description: The SCAIDPV project aims to increase access to safe drinking water and improve hygiene and sanitation practices in 48 IDP camps as well as increase safe and dignified access to goods and services critical to the survival and wellbeing of vulnerable households through cash transfers. 


'Sustainable Grazing and Irrigation Pilot Project’

Location: Myaing and Pakokku Townships, Magway Region

Donors: ADRA Australia, AusAID

Beneficiaries: 3,540

Total Project Budget: USD $266,976

Duration: 40 Months



Project Description: The SGRIP project ran for two phases to improve grazing management systems by establishing a pilot program in 12 acres of drip irrigation and managing 600 acres of grazing land. 


'Strengthening Livelihoods in the Dryzone in Myanmar (SLIM)'

Location: Pakokku Township, Magway Region


Beneficiaries: 7,200

Total Project Budget: USD$73,949

Duration: 36 Months

Project Description: The SLIM project targeted vulnerable groups in Myanmar's Central Dryzone by providing increased skills in food processing, establishing food processing industries, improving HPLGs for value chain production and creating awareness of cross cutting issues in gender inclusion within 15 communities.


'Vocational Training to Support Livelihoods'

Location: Hpa-an, Kayin State

Donors: LIFT, ADRA Swiss

Beneficiaries: 189

Total Project Budget: USD$157,283

Duration: 12 Months

Project Description: The VTSL project aimed at assisting disadvantaged youth who were unable to continue their education or had no access, offered a selection of training courses in sewing or mechanical repairs for income generation and to increase the availability of skilled individuals to improve the local areas economic status.


'Solar Water Project'

Location: Magway Region

Donors: ADRA Netherlands

Beneficiaries: 630

Total Project Budget: USD$26,430

Duration: 2 Months

Project Description: The WATER NETHERLANDS project provided 2 complete solar water systems to 2 villages in Myanmar's central Dryzone where water is scarce and land is on the brink of desertification. Villages were also provided with taps in each household linked via a network of pipes to the solar water system for ease of access. 

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