ADRA Myanmar focuses education programming on access, equity and inclusion, quality and innovation, within a lifelong learning approach to bring education to children in remote areas of Myanmar were decades of conflict and underinvestment in education have inhibited opportunities. Education is an important instrument to fight poverty, create jobs, improve health and nutrition and promote gender equality and peace.

Formal Education: ADRA Myanmar's programs improve teaching and learning environments by providing training for roughly 4,463 teachers, supplying teaching and learning materials to 2,181 schools, providing support to school management committees and parent teacher associations and supporting advocacy and policy development. ADRA Myanmar additionally constructs and renovates schools and improves WASH facilities.

Education in Emergencies: ADRA Myanmar is working with ethnic education organisations across ethnic regions of Myanmar to extend educational services to 190 conflict affected communities. ADRA Myanmar's programs train teachers extending education services (TEES) to establish schools reaching 214,094 children with teaching and learning materials.

Non-Formal Education: ADRA Myanmar reaches Out of School Children (OoSC) and school dropouts through non-formal education programs and technical and vocational education and training (TVET). ADRA Myanmar works in partnership with the Ministry of Education Department for TVET offering youth training in certified market driven short courses and linking youth with internships and placements through employer engagement initiatives to enhance skills for jobs.


'Focus Country Pilot Project'

Location: National

Donors: ADRA International

Total Project Budget: USD $90,000

Duration: 36 Months

Project Description: ADRA Myanmar was selected as one of ten focus countries within the ADRA Network to participate in a global advocacy campaign aimed at Out of School Children. In this three year project, ADRA Myanmar aims to support ethnic education through the provision of Non Government Teacher Incentives to be mobilised in remote ethnic areas. 


'AEON Education Support'

Location: Kayin State and Yangon Region

Donors: AEON 1% Club Foundation, ADRA Japan

Beneficiaries: 3,824

Total Project Budget: USD $1,538,998

Duration: 36 Months

Project Description: The AEON project progresses into the third phase of the project in order to continue providing support in education. Key project activities include; constructing 14 primary schools equipped with toilets and a well in both the Yangon Region and Kayin State, facilitating capacity building activities for local teachers, installing school furniture in constructed schools and providing a provision of school gear. In addition, meetings are established with SMC and PTA groups and preparation of learning and teaching materials are provided to project trained teachers.


For the construction of schools, the AEON project works alongside villagers in their communities to procure and provide part of the budget, materials, and labor associated with building the facilities to ensure
sustainability and ownership.


'Dismantling Barriers and Improving the Quality of Education for Women and Girls in Fragile, Conflict and Crisis Situations'

Location: Shan State

Donors: Global Affairs Canada, ADRA Canada

Total Project Budget: USD $2,959,947

Project Description: The BRIGHT project aims to improve equitable education outcomes for vulnerable girls and women living in targeted and conflict areas of Myanmar. This will be achieved by; increasing community led actions in breaking multi-dimensional barriers to gender equal education and improving the availability of inclusive and innovative gender and climate responsive quality education systems. 


'Conflict Areas Support for Education 2 Learn'

Location: Mon, Chin, Kachin, Shan, Kayah and Kayin States, Tanintharyi, Bago and Sagaing Regions

Donors: European Union & ADRA UK and ADRA Germany (Support only)

Beneficiaries: 496,830

Total Project Budget: USD $23,596,314

Duration: 60 Months

Project Description: The CASE2Learn project, an extension of the CASE+ project (pilot), aims to improve and expand access to Indigenous education services, improve school quality standards and basic education services, increase engagement between RISE and education actors, schools are supported to have effective leadership and management, Indigenous teachers are equipped with basic teaching competencies to support student learning, relevant programs are in place to support out of school children/youth/illiterate women, and parents and communities are actively engaged in school based activities.

Activities include; capacity development of Indigenous of Education providers, distribute teacher stipends, train school leaders/school management on quality standards, distribute school teaching and learning resources, conduct DRR and hazard mapping events, conduct awareness raising events with communities on WASH, support TPC/TTC's in preservice TT provision, conduct summer vacation in service teacher training, establish peer learning opportunities, conduct MTT school visits, provide IE training and NFE training to teachers, conduct education sensitisation events, produce literacy and numeracy IEC curriculum, train MTTs, provide library resources for reading clubs, and undertake research on key education reform issues.


'Strengthening Education Access, Quality and Equity'

Location: Kayin & Mon States and Tanintharyi Region

Donors: NORAD, ADRA Norway

Beneficiaries: 214,946

Total Project Budget: USD $6,000,000

Duration: 60 Months


Project Description: The SEAQE2 project's objective is that all learners regardless of background/ability/gender engage in and learn in inclusive schools and TVET institutions. The SEAQE2 project aims to; target out of school children by establishing non formal middle school services, construct 8 schools, 5 NFE centres and 2 TVET centres, improve WASH and hygiene facilities, provide life skills training, improve quality of learning in 1,463 institutions, inservice training to 5,664 teachers, teaching and learning materials provided to 48 schools, 2,160 youth have access to TVET training, SMC/PTA capacity building for 13,167 members, and promote advocacy of ethnic education services in Myanmar.

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