ADRA Network

ADRA's work touches millions of lives in more than 118 countries and across 4 crucial impact areas. ADRA's hardworking network of almost 6,000 people actively implements region-appropriate solutions for positive and sustainable change where it is needed most. Below is a list of all ADRA offices with links to their respective websites (green). Please note that not all offices have a website.


World Headquarters:

ADRA International (Silver Springs, United States)



Regional Headquarters:

ADRA Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)

ADRA Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)

ADRA Europe (Brussels, Belgium)

ADRA Euro-Asia (Moscow, Russia)

ADRA Inter America (Miami, Florida)

ADRA MENA 'Middle East North Africa' (Beirut, Lebanon)

ADRA South America (Brasilia, Brazil)

ADRA South Pacific (Wahroonga, Australia)



Donor Offices:

ADRA Australia

ADRA Austria

ADRA Belgium

ADRA Canada

ADRA China

ADRA Croatia

ADRA Czech Republic

ADRA Denmark

ADRA Finland

ADRA France

ADRA Germany

ADRA Hungary

ADRA Italy

ADRA Japan



Implementing Offices:

ADRA Afghanistan

ADRA Albania

ADRA Angola

ADRA Argentina

ADRA Armenia

ADRA Aruba

ADRA Atlantic Caribbean

ADRA Azerbaijan

ADRA Bangladesh

ADRA Belarus

ADRA Bolivia

ADRA Bonaire

ADRA Bosnia & Herzegovina

ADRA Brazil

ADRA Bulgaria

ADRA Burkina Faso

ADRA Burundi

ADRA Cambodia

ADRA Cameroon

ADRA Caribbean Union


ADRA Chile

ADRA Colombia

ADRA Costa Rica

ADRA Cote d'Ivorie

ADRA Curacao

ADRA Dominican Republic


ADRA Ecuador

ADRA El Salvador

ADRA Ethiopia


ADRA Gambia

ADRA Georgia

ADRA Ghana

ADRA Greece

ADRA Guatemala

ADRA Guyana

ADRA Haiti

ADRA Honduras

ADRA India

ADRA Indonesia


ADRA Jamaica

ADRA Kazakhstan

ADRA Kenya

ADRA Kyrgyzstan


ADRA Latvia

ADRA Lebanon

ADRA Lesotho

ADRA Liberia

ADRA Macedonia

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